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In Optimizely Program Management, program-level reporting gives you executive oversight and helps you manage experimentation across an entire enterprise. Use reports to track your company's experimentation velocity and win rate and gain insights about your program.

There are two types of reports in Program Management:

  • Team-level reporting – Tracks experimentation for an individual team.

  • Account-level reporting – Tracks experimentation for all teams in your account.

Each dashboard allows you to drill down further, so you can view velocity or win rates by month, by team, by site, and more.

The fields in Program Management reports:

Experiment Overview:

  • Idea scheduled over time.

  • Experiments started over time, which includes linked and unlinked experiments.

  • Number of variations tested over time.

  • Recorded win rate – A rate based on your manually recorded wins as your business counts them.

  • Inferred win rate – A rate based on reaching statistical significance on an experiment's primary goal in any variation, as calculated by Stats Engine. This calculation aligns with Optimizely Experimentation's definition of winners, losers, and inconclusive results for any experiment.

Program Breakdown:

  • Experiments started by site, over time.

  • Experiments started by touchpoint, over time.

  • Experiments started by tag, over time.

Drill down further and filter program reporting by parameters including team, site, touchpoint, and project. You can also view the data table for each report.

Unlinked experiments are all experiments created and started within any project that is linked to the team that has not yet been linked to any idea in any team. By linking your experiments to your ideas, you can keep a clear overview of experiments and which ideas to which they are linked.

Unlinked Experiments.png

Unlinked Experiment Ideas.png

Account-level reports

To find your account-level report, in the Optimizely Program Management console, click on Reporting.

Team-level reports

To find a team-level report in the Optimizely Program Management console:

  1. Click on Teams then select your team name in the list.

  2. In the global navigation, select Reporting.