Manage events in an Optimizely Web Experimentation project

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This topic describes how to:

Manage the click, custom, and pageview events you can use to track visitor behaviors on your site.

In Optimizely Web Experimentation, you can create and manage your events in the Implementation dashboard. An event always lives on a page, so here they're organized according to the pages that they're attached to.

For each event, Optimizely Web Experimentation also lists a Type. The Type shows you whether the event is a click, pageview, or custom event.

You can view all active and archived events in a project in the dashboard. Active events are included in the snippet. Archived events are not included in the snippet.


  1. Go to ImplementationEvents.

  2. Use the dropdown to filter by Active or Archived events.

Edit an event

To edit an existing event:


  1. Go to ImplementationEvents.

  2. Click the Actions () icon for the event.

  3. Select Settings.

  4. Make your changes and click Save.

Archive an event

You can archive click, custom, and pageview events from the Implementation dashboard. Archiving events has the same effect as deleting them. Archived events are no longer tracked and are removed from the snippet.

Pageview events are attached to a page and created automatically, so when you archive a pageview event, you actually archive the page.

If you archive a page, existing campaigns that use that page are not affected, but you cannot  add the page to any new campaigns.

To archive an existing event:


  1. Go to ImplementationEvents.

  2. Click the Actions () icon for the event.

  3. Select Archive.

  4. In the warning window, click Archive Event.

Unarchive an event

To unarchive an existing event:


  1. Go to ImplementationEvents.

  2. At the top of the Events dashboard, click the filter dropdown menu.

  3. Select Archived.

  4. Click the Actions () icon for the event you want to unarchive.

  5. Select Unarchive.

To unarchive events within an archived page, you also have to unarchive the page. Optimizely Web Experimentation displays an alert dialog so you can confirm that you want to unarchive the event and page at the same time.