Send all traffic to a winning variation

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Relevant products:

  • Optimizely Web Experimentation
  • Optimizely Performance Edge

This topic describes how to:

  • Show new and returning visitors a certain variation, once it "wins"

If you see a winning variation on your Results page, you may decide to send all traffic to it. You can use Optimizely Web Experimentation and Optimizely Performance Edge for this, before implementing the changes permanently on your site.

It is possible to stop all variations except the winner, but there are downsides. Refer to the stopping variation section in changing traffic allocation and distribution for more.

To direct all visitors—returning and new—to a winning variation:

  1. Pause the experiment.

  2. Duplicate it.

  3. Reset the traffic allocation.

Show a winning variation to all visitors

Here is how to show a winning variation to all visitors, with step-by-step instructions below:


  1. Pause the experiment. On the Experiments dashboard, click the Actions icon (...) for the experiment and select Pause.

  2. On the Experiments dashboard, click the Actions icon (...) for the experiment and select Duplicate.

  3. Click Duplicate Experiment.

  4. In the new duplicate experiment, stop all variations except the winner.

  5. In the Audiences menu, click the X to remove audiences until Everyone appears and click Save.

When you are ready, start the new duplicate experiment.