Send all traffic to a winning variation

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If you see a winning variation on your Experiment Results page, you may decide to send all traffic to it. Ideally, you should implement the variation changes in your code. But, if that is not possible in a timely manner, you can send all visitors to the winning variation. 

Sending visitors to the winning variation and keeping the experiment running has downsides. See Update traffic allocation and distribution for more.

At a high level, to direct all visitors—returning and new—to a winning variation:

  1. Pause the experiment.

  2. Duplicate it.

  3. Reset the traffic allocation.

Show a winning variation to all visitors

To show a winning variation to every visitor:

  1. Pause the running experiment. On the Experiments dashboard, click Actions (...) for the experiment and click Pause.

  2. On the Experiments dashboard, click the Actions icon (...) for the experiment and select Duplicate.

    You cannot duplicate Multivariate tests.
  3. Click Duplicate in the confirmation window.

  4. In the new experiment, stop all variations except the winner.

  5. In the Audiences menu, click the X to remove audiences until Everyone displays, and click Save.

When you are ready, test and publish the new experiment.