Organizing experiments best practices for Optimizely Web Experimentation

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This topic describes how to:
  • Organize experiments in a project
  • Quickly filter and find experiments

As your optimization program grows, your Optimizely Web Experimentation project will include more and more experiments. Sifting through them can be overwhelming.

Archive experiments

Consider archiving experiments that are no longer active, so they do not show up in your project.

After archiving an experiment, you will still be able to reference the experiment details and view its results. You will NOT be able to unarchive the experiment or segment its results page after it has been archived. 

To archive an experiment:

  1. Navigate to the Home page.

  2. In Optimizely Web Experimentation, click the Actions (...) icon next to the experiment you want to archive and select Archive.

  3. Select Archive on the confirmation modal.

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