Manage projects in Optimizely Web Experimentation

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This topic describes how to:
  • Create and manage Projects and Experiments
  • Add, remove, duplicate, and archive Projects or Experiments

Once you start using Optimizely Web Experimentation, you will have a growing number of experiments and campaigns to manage. Projects help you keep everything organized.

Projects let you subdivide your Optimizely Web Experimentation account into little territories: for different sections of a website, multiple sites, or different products.

If you are using Optimizely Feature Experimentation, projects work a little differently.

Each project has its own: Optimizely Web Experimentation snippet, set of experiments, and set of collaborators

If your account uses custom snippets, you might see more than one snippet listed for your projects.

Create a project

You must have the Administrator or Project Owner role to create a project.

Here is how to create a new Optimizely Web Experimentation project, with step-by-step instructions below:


  1. In the sidebar, select Switch Project

  2. Click New Project.

  3. In the Web section, click Create Web Project.

  4. Name your project--you can always change it later.

  5. Enter a description for your project, if you like.

  6. Click Create Project.

Do you have separate development and production environments? Here is how to set up Optimizely Web Experimentation projects and run experiments with two environments.

Rename projects

Here is how to rename projects, followed by step-by-step instructions.


  1. From the project's main page, select Settings.

  2. Select the Advanced tab.

  3. In the General Settings section, in the Name field, type the name you want to use for the project.

  4. Click Save.

Archive and unarchive projects


Here is how to archive projects. Scroll down for step-by-step instructions.


  1. In the sidebar, select Manage Projects.

  2. Find the project in the list and click the Actions (...) icon in the right column.

  3. Click Archive.


Here is how to unarchive and reactivate an archived project, with step-by-step instructions below.


  1. In the sidebar, select Manage Projects.

  2. Filter the list of projects to Archived.

  3. Find the project in the list and click the Actions (...) icon in the right column.

  4. Click Unarchive.

Delete projects

In Optimizely Web Experimentation, it is not possible to delete projects. Instead, you can archive them.