Optimizely Web Experimentation self-hosting for Amazon Cloudfront users

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  • Optimizely Web Experimentation

If you need to download and self-host the Optimizely Web Experimentation snippet on your own site, Amazon Cloudfront offers an easy way to do it via multiple AWS services working together. And because this approach involves setting up a webhook in Optimizely Web Experimentation, there will be no need for you to poll for any revisions in your snippet.

Self-hosting is ideal for customers who are using HTTP/2 to serve their website and Amazon Cloudfront as their CDN.  By self-hosting, you can eliminate an SSL connection to Optimizely Web Experimentation while using multiplexing to request the snippet faster.

While self-hosting with an HTTP/1 connection may eliminate an additional DNS lookup and the SSL handshake, there is no guarantee the script will begin its download earlier than if it was being downloaded directly from Optimizely Web Experimentation.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance in setting this up.