Integrate Qualaroo

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This topic describes how to:

  • Integrate Qualaroo with Optimizely Web Experimentation

Qualaroo gives marketers a complete solution for collecting and acting on visitor insights to improve website performance. Powered by unobtrusive on-site surveys, Qualaroo collects the voice of customer feedback that can be used to drive conversion rates. 

You have two options for integrating Qualaroo with Optimizely Web Experimentation:

  • Target a Qualaroo survey to a particular Optimizely Web Experimentation variation. By doing this, you can get qualitative feedback about the user experience in that variation and use those insights to inform future Optimizely Web Experimentation experiments.

  • Use Optimizely Web Experimentation to test different Qualaroo survey variations against each other.


Qualaroo describes the Optimizely Web Experimentation-Qualaroo integration on their website. For more information about targeting surveys based on Optimizely Web Experimentation variations, check out Qualaroo’s article on how to use Optimizely Web Experimentation and Qualaroo together. You can also check out their blog post on Qualaroo and Optimizely Web Experimentation.

Let’s take a quick look at how to implement each of these integrations.

Target a Qualaroo survey to an Optimizely Web Experimentation variation

With this integration, you can target a particular Qualaroo survey to visitors who saw a particular Optimizely Web Experimentation variation.

Why might you want to set up this kind of survey targeting?

Suppose you created a variation with substantial changes to your pricing page. With your Optimizely Web Experimentation experiment, you can measure the impact of these changes on key conversion rates. A targeted Qualaroo survey that collects specific visitor feedback for a particular variation can help you understand why one variation performed better or worse than another. Even in variations with an overall lift in conversion rates, this qualitative feedback may indicate ways to further iterate and improve on the existing variation. You can test these further changes in Optimizely Web Experimentation and celebrate an even more dramatic uplift in conversions.

This integration is available to all Optimizely Web Experimentation plans but requires an Enterprise-level Qualaroo plan.

Here's how to enable this targeting:

  1. Determine which experiment and variations you want Qualaroo to target. On the desired experiment page within Optimizely Web Experimentation, retrieve the experiment ID and variation names.


  2. Go to Qualaroo’s survey configuration and enter the experiment ID and the names of the variations (comma-separated) that you want to display the desired survey.

Congratulations, your survey targeting is set!

Use Optimizely Web Experimentation to A/B test Qualaroo Surveys

You can also use Optimizely Web Experimentation to test variations of a Qualaroo survey against each other. Through such an experiment, you can determine which wording and order of survey questions generate the highest quality and frequency of responses.

Here's how to test Qualaroo surveys with Optimizely Web Experimentation:

  1. Create an experiment in Optimizely Web Experimentation with two (or more) variations. Don’t make any changes to these variations in Optimizely Web Experimentation's visual editor.

  2. In Qualaroo, configure two surveys on the same page. Using the procedure described in the previous integration option, target each to a different variation.

Now Optimizely Web Experimentation will randomly bucket users into the survey variations. Wait for enough data and analyze the number and quality of responses that each version of the survey received.