Manage team permissions in Optimizely Program Management

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In Optimizely Program Management, a team is a group of collaborators with access to a collection of Experimentation projects. Members of a team can collaborate, manage workflows, submit and score experiment ideas, and view results for those projects.

Depending on your company's organizational structure, you may choose to set up business units as separate teams or add the entire company as a single team.

Members of a team can:

  • Manage workflows.

  • Submit and score experiment ideas.

  • Comment and collaborate on experiments.

  • View the results for the project.

Often, teams choose to set up different permission levels for individual collaborators in Program Management from the collaborator permissions they have in Optimizely Experimentation. See Create a team.

Add a teammate


  1. In Program Management, navigate to the Teams tab to select your team.

  2. Click Team Settings.

  3. Under Teammates, add a new or existing user to your team. Select a permission level and click the + button to add the collaborator.

  4. Click Save.

An email invitation will be sent to your new teammate.


Team actions Owner Teammate Comment Only
Create, update, or delete a site Yes Yes No
Create, update, or delete a touchpoint Yes Yes No
Add a user to a team Yes Yes No
Edit the user role on a team Yes Yes No
Rename a team Yes No No
Create, update, or delete ideas Yes Yes No
Change the idea stage or status Yes Yes No
Change the idea name, touchpoint, or hypothesis Yes Yes No
Link experiment to an idea Yes Yes


Change the idea goal, primary metric, detailed description, or other idea details Yes Yes


Score an idea Yes Yes


Follow an idea Yes Yes


Assign an idea stage to a user Yes Yes


Mark an idea stage as complete Yes Yes


Comment on an idea Yes Yes


Comment on a link experiment Yes Yes