Optimizely Program Management: Enable teams to experiment at scale

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Imagine you have run dozens of successful experiments in Optimizely Experimentation, and your program is growing across the organization—but there are challenges. How do you prioritize great ideas from across a whole enterprise? How does your team manage dozens or hundreds of running experiments and report on the impact of the full experimentation program? It can be difficult to coordinate resources and workflows, prioritize a massive idea backlog of experiment ideas, and maintain executive oversight across a full-fledged experimentation program.

Optimizely's Program Management enables teams to experiment more, with tools for collaboration and program reporting at an enterprise scale.

Program Management helps teams run experimentation with an integrated hub for capturing ideas, prioritizing projects, and managing experiments across an organization. Teams also gain powerful program reporting, so they can manage the velocity of a full program.


How you set up Optimizely Program Management.

Once you have set up your team, you can start adding ideas, collaborating, and viewing program reports for your experimentation program.

Add ideas and collaborate

An idea is a hypothesis for an experiment. Ideas capture all the requirements, workflow, collaboration, data, and analysis for an experiment or set of experiments in one place.

Ideas enable teams to work effectively through Optimizely Program Management. By tracking an idea, a whole team can collaborate across the process of developing and executing an experiment, from a new idea in the backlog to a complete experiment with recorded results.

Here is how to add new ideas and develop them in Program Management.

Link Optimizely Experimentation experiments

At a certain point during the execution of an idea, your team will create either an Optimizely Web Experiment or Optimizely Feature Experimentation in Optimizely Experimentation and link it back to the idea. This enables your team to track running experiments with program management. It also enables program-level reporting on experimentation velocity, win rate, and more, giving you better oversight and governance tools.

Here is how to link experiments to ideas and record your win rates. Experiment results roll up into program-level reports.

View program reporting

Program-level reporting gives you executive oversight and helps you manage experimentation across an entire enterprise. Use reports to track your company's experimentation velocity and win rate and gain insights about your program.

There are two types of reports in Program Management:

  • Team-level reporting, which tracks experimentation for an individual team

  • Account-level reporting, which tracks experimentation for all teams in your account

Here is more about program-level reporting.

Navigate to Program Management

To use Program Management, select Program Management in the global navigation.


To use Experimentation, select Experimentation in the global navigation.