Tracking offline events with the Optimizely Experimentation Event API

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Offline events

Offline events are events that occur away from your web page or application. Although they occur offline, they are still important to send to Optimizely Experimentation and Optimizely Personalization.

Importing offline events gives you a more comprehensive look at which events and metrics lead to the most conversions. This offline data and your regular event data can help you target and optimize your experiments for increased value overall.

For example, connecting customer service data to experiments can be helpful. If you run an experiment to reduce confusion about the purchase process, you could track the number of related calls to your call center. 

Optimizely Event API

The Optimizely Event API lets you send conversion events (also known as events) that are fired when a visitor "converts" to a desirable action, such as a click, page view, or purchase, to Optimizely from anywhere without building a custom data store or other challenging implementations. Event tracking calls may be sent directly to Optimizely's logging servers.

See the Event API developer documentation to learn how to integrate your offline systems with the Event API. Read about How Optimizely counts conversions.

Offline events and the results page

Your Experimentation Results page and Campaign Results page tracks offline events and conversions like other data.

Paused experiments and campaigns can receive conversions but will not be processed or visible on the results page until active. You can learn more about how Events from paused experiments, stopped variations, and archived experiments work together. For information on events in Optimizely Feature Experimentation, see the Track events documentation.