Access Optimizely Experimentation Enriched Event Export data

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To calculate results, Optimizely Experimentation relies on event data obtained through your experiments. These include:

  • Decision events – Events fired when Optimizely Experimentation "decides" that a visitor is bucketed into a certain experiment/variation pair.
  • Conversion events – Events fired when a visitor "converts" to a desirable action, such as a click, page view, or purchase.

This data travels through Optimizely Experimentation's data export pipeline, which gives you private and secure access to your Optimizely Experimentation events on the cloud. Enriched Events Export contains all the events Optimizely Experimentation has received from you, along with other enriched data (experiment ID, session ID, and more). This enables data analysts and data scientists to store, analyze, combine, and visualize the data as they see fit. For more information, review the Data Specification article for Enriched Events Exports. 

The export process gives developers access to their data through Amazon S3. Amazon S3's cloud-based storage will require some development on your end to set up automatic data ingestion or export one-off data. Optimizely Experimentation allows you to access your data through our Authentication API or through the Optimizely Experimentation oevents CLI.

You can learn more about exporting your data in the Get Started with Enriched Events Export developer documentation.

If you have any issues or questions, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact Optimizely Support.