Troubleshoot: Common issues in Optimizely Web Experimentation

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This topic describes how to:

  • Figure out why your page is not loading in the editor
  • Figure out why your page is loading slowly, or the original "flashes" briefly before the variation appears
  • Figure out why you cannot see the changes you made rendering on your page
  • Figure out why your changes are appearing, but not as you intended
  • Figure out why your goals are not tracking correctly (or at all)

Your experiments are more likely to be effective if you follow the best practices for setting them up. Learn the basics in our Getting Started Guide and the best techniques for testing experiments in our Pre-Launch Checklist Guide.

Before you start an experiment, you want to preview it to make sure that it is working as intended. Check your site’s existing functionality, and new elements you added, and navigate to the events tab to make sure that your goals are firing correctly.

If everything looks good, then start running your experiment. If not, check this article to help diagnose the issue. There are a few common reasons you can troubleshoot: