Require account-level 2-step verification for all account collaborators

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  • Optimizely Feature Experimentation
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  • Optimizely Performance Edge
If your organization migrated to Opti ID, you must manage users in Opti ID. See the Opti ID user documentation.

If you are an administrator of an account, you should require that collaborators on the account use two-step verification. Two-step verification requires you log in with a username and password, and then enter a code that is sent to your mobile phone, which gives you another layer of protection even if your password is compromised.

You must enable individual two-step verification in your personal settings before requiring it individually for collaborators in the account. To enable individual two-step verification in only your personal settings, not account-level settings, see Protect your account with individual two-step verification.

  1. Go to Account Settings > Security and Privacy and click Require 2-step Verification.
  2. To confirm, enter your Optimizely Experimentation password and click Require 2-step Verification for All Users.