Why we don't list prices on our website

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If you’re looking for pricing information, you won’t find it in our Knowledge Base or on our website.

Optimizely Experimentation’s solution can be customized to our customers’ individual needs and use cases. The cost of the solution also varies from company to company, depending on a wide range of factors. These can include variables like the amount of traffic your site gets, the specific Optimizely Experimentation products you want, and the complexity of your implementation, among other things. In a nutshell, each Optimizely Experimentation deployment is tailored to meet the specific needs of that client.

The features included in your deployment of Optimizely Experimentation will depend on the plan you choose. To learn about the different plans we offer, visit the Plans page on the Optimizely Experimentation website. From there, our sales team can help you better understand your pricing options.