Step 1: App information and assets

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Our first step in the branding process is to collect the needed information in order to customize how the app will appear in the app stores and on user's devices.

Download the Optimizely Mobile App Branding Form and email once completed to:

The information below will provide additional information and help you fill out the form.

App information

We created an additional article to try and help explain each field we ask for. Use the version selector at the top to switch between Android and iOS.

App store information

App Icon

Every app needs a beautiful and memorable icon that attracts attention in the App Store and stands out on the Home screen. Your icon is the first opportunity to quickly communicate your app's purpose. It also appears throughout the system, such as in Settings and search results.

We ask customers to create the App Icon using a vector-based file format such as svg. Optimizely uses this to generate the needed icon sizes.

Screen shots

A minimum of 5 screenshots are needed in order to submit your app in the app stores. Based on the information provided in the form, Optimizely will generate the screenshots on behalf of the customer. Customers can control the following for each screen shot:

  • In-app feature displayed
  • Headline
  • Benefit Statement
  • Background Color or Background Image

If you encounter issues, submit a ticket and we will set up a call to provide assistance.