Website user administration

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The User Administration section of the website can only be accessed by a user with the role of Administrator. User Administration is found under My Account. The User Administration functionality is broken into three sections:

  • User Administration
  • User Setup
  • Ship To Assignment

User administration

The User Administration page acts as the hub for the User Administration features. The page features a searchable grid of users associated with the currently selected customer. This includes users created through the User Administration feature. Only users created under the customer account you are currently logged into appear in the grid. Click your name in the header and click Change Customer/Ship To to view users for a different customer.

User setup

The User Setup page is accessible by clicking the Create New User button on the User Administration page or by selecting an existing user. The User Setup page lets you create or edit a User with the following information for the currently selected customer:

  • Username (Can only edit on creation)
  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Send Activation Email (Only displayed when creating new user)
  • Last Sign In (Only displayed for existing users)
  • Active check box (Only displayed for existing users. Users can be activated or deactivated using using this check box.)
  • Assign User Role
    If the Budget Management setting is disabled, only roles unrelated to budget activity are made available, that is Administrator and Requisitioner; however, the Requisitioner role is also dependent on Requisitions being enabled. If Budget Management is enabled, then the remainder of the roles are presented: Buyer 1, Buyer 2, and Buyer 3. You can also enable Carry Over Unused Monthly Balances so that the leftover balance will carry over to the next month for that user. This setting must be enabled globally.
  • Assign Approver
  • Assign/Edit Ship To(s) button (only appears for new users after you click Create New User)

After you create a new user, you need to send them an activation email. Select the Send Activation Email check box before clicking Create User. If you chose not to select this check box at the time of creation, you will need to click the Send Activation Email button after creating the user.

The user status is displayed on the User Administration page; see the User Administration section above for an example.

Ship-to assignment

Edit ship to screen

The window can be accessed in one of two ways:

  • The window will automatically appear once you click Save on the User Setup page for a new User
  • This window will appear by clicking Assign/Edit Ship To(s) in the User Setup page for an existing User

The window shows a listing of associated Ship To addresses for the customer that can be assigned to the user. In addition to the option of assigning a Ship To, this window also allows for one of the Ship To addresses to be assigned as the default address, and a default Cost Code to be set.

The first record in the Assign / Edit Ship To list is by default the selected customer's bill to record, therefore it cannot be deselected. See the first record in the example shown above.