Analyze search statistics

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Optimizely Search & Navigation collects statistics from site visitor activity and displays them in the Statistics view, where you can analyze the activity.

Statistics are scarce for a new website, but as your site matures and captures more search behavior, you can analyze the information to optimize the search experience.

You need specific access rights to access features in Optimizely Search & Navigation.


The Statistics view displays popular searches during a selected time period and reveals if matching content was found. You can filter search information by time interval, website, and language.

  • Most frequent searches – Phrases searched for most often. Use your most frequent search keywords to create Best Bets.
  • Searches without hits – Phrases most often searched for and for which no results were found. To improve the user experience for searches without hits, add synonyms, autocompletes, and related queries to help users find relevant content.
  • Searches without relevant hits – Searches that generated hits but had a low click-through rate. Phrases that are most frequently searched for and for which search results are clicked the least appear at the top. To improve the user experience for searches without relevant hits, create content, or use related queries or synonyms.

A window contains the following information if you click a search phrase in a list.

  • matching search results (when using the Most frequent searches view)
  • other searches performed by the visitor who submitted that search phrase

Image: Search results list

From the Statistics view, you can select one or more search phrases and switch to the optimization interface to work with best bets, autocompletes, related queries, or synonyms.

Image: Optimizing search phrases