Configured Commerce Mobile App onboarding

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Use this article as a guide for the timeline and tasks needed to get the Optimizely Configured Commerce Mobile App configured for your site. If you need further assistance, reach out to your Customer Success Director or Support.

For a high-level view of the implementation timeline for all products, visit the Optimizely Implementation Timeline.

Download the Optimizely testing mobile app

The Optimizely Configured Commerce Testing Mobile Apps are used for various testing purposes, including testing new features in your sandbox environment or checking out the latest releases before they go live in your production app.

Recommended: Have Testflight on iOS installed before clicking the iOS link. If you do not the link will direct you to download the Testflight app and then you will have to come back here again to select the link again.

Using your mobile device, select the appropriate platform to start testing today.

  • Join Beta
    The beta tracks allow early access to the latest changes so you try them out and test against your sandbox and production sites.
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  • Join Production
    Interested in using more stable versions? Join the production track.
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Demo Site

You can use the following domain with login to fully experience the app and the features it has to offer.

Login: buyer1 - demo123

Onboarding Process

We break the onboarding process for the Configured Commerce Mobile App into two phases:

  1. Building and testing with the Optimizely Testing Apps
  2. Branded app launch

Build & Test with Optimizely App

1. Project Review

Steps Owner
Architecture Review Optimizely
Before development officially begins on Configured Commerce, the Optimizely team will schedule a architecture review meeting. This meeting will review upcoming development and bring attention to any issues or concerns with planned customizations.
Keep Mobile in Mind Article Partner/Customer

The Keep Mobile in Mind Article helps developers of the Configured Commerce platform to understand what to be aware of when customizing or extending the code.

Article: Keep Mobile in Mind

2. Sandbox Setup

Steps Owner
Initialize Sandbox for Mobile App Optimizely
Once the sandbox environment is available, Optimizely will prepare settings and other configurations to make sure the mobile app will work smoothly with the sandbox site.
Download Optimizely Testing Apps Customer

Once the environment is ready, we ask that customers use the article below to download the Optimizely testing apps and begin configuring and testing the app experience.

Article: Download Testing Apps

Configuration Plan Customer

The mobile app has a few configurations available that should be reviewed and acted upon in preparation for production deployment. The help section linked below hosts several articles describing all the configuration options.

Section: Mobile App Configuration

Continuous Testing & Feedback Customer
We recommend customers use at least a bi-weekly testing strategy with their mobile app as development is done on the main Configured Commerce website. This helps quickly identify issues and assess the changes needed from either Optimizely or your partner.

3. Production Setup

Steps Owner
Initialize Production for Mobile App Optimizely
When the production environment is available, Optimizely will make sure the environment is properly initialized and that settings and configuration were carried over from the sandbox environment correctly.
Verify Configuration Customer
At this time, the customer will also want to verify all configurations specific to the mobile app. Also, ensure nothing else needs to be updated or changed to work for the production environment.  

4. User Acceptance Testing

During the user acceptance testing (UAT) phase, customers and partners should be testing against the production environment.

Steps Owner
Provide feedback on issues & feature requests Customer/Partner
Customers and partners should provide information to Optimizely on issues and feature requests so we can help resolve and prioritize any concerns.
Review feedback and triage Optimizely
Optimizely will triage the information provided during the testing process so blockers in going to production can be identified, whether the issues are found in the mobile app, Configured Commerce, or customer code.

Branded Mobile App Launch

Prerequisites for starting the branded app creation:

  1. Configured Commerce website is live in production
  2. UAT has passed on production using the Optimizely testing app.

1. Gather App Information & Assets

We start the creation of the branded app with the collection and creation of the app information and assets. This defines how the app will appear within the Apple and Google app stores.

2. Create Developer & Store Accounts

To distribute the app to your customers you need to create store accounts for both Apple and Google.

3. Provide Optimizely Access to Accounts

Once accounts have been created we have you invite Optimizely to manage apps on your behalf so we can take care of the fun work.

4. User Acceptance Testing

The last step in deploying your branded Configured Commerce mobile app is to do a final round of UAT with the branded app. This step should move quickly, since most issues should have been discovered in the previous phase using the Optimizely testing app.