Write data from PIM to an integration

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You can set up Optimizely Product Information Management (PIM) to write data to third-party integrations using the following read-only API entities:

  • Assets
  • Category Tree
  • Product
  • Property
  • PropertyGroup
  • Template
  • Website
You must involve developers in the API integration process for your third-party application to consume the API data.


  • Victory Distribution is creating a print catalog for over 1,000 product items and wants to ensure that the product information is correct and up to date at all times. The company works with a developer to create an integration service that uses the API to pull data from the PIM into their catalog application.
  • Victory Distribution wants its ERP to sync with product data in the PIM. The company has a developer use the API to set up an integration so that the product title in their ERP is updated from the PIM.


To access the PIM API, submit a support ticket requesting access.

For developers about the API, see the readme in GitHub.