Write data from PIM to an integration

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You can set up Optimizely Product Information Management (PIM) to write data to third-party integrations using the available read-only API.

You can use the following PIM entities:

  • Assets

  • Category Tree

  • Product

  • Property

  • PropertyGroup

  • Template

  • Website

You must involve developers in the API integration process for your 3rd party application to consume the API data.


  1. Victory Distribution is creating a print catalog for over 1,000 product items and wants to ensure that the product information is correct and up to date at all times. The company works with a developer, Cassie, to create an integration service that uses the API to pull data from the PIM into their catalog application.
  2. Victory Distribution wants their ERP to sync with product data in the PIM. The company has Cassie, a developer, use the API to set up an integration so that the product title in their ERP is updated from the PIM.


To gain access to the PIM API, please submit a support ticket requesting access.

For developer about the API, please refer to the readme in GitHub.