Configure settings

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Use settings to customize your experience in Optimizely Product Information Management (PIM). Some settings, like the Property used for product assignment setting, help you assign products to support your team's workflow and governance. Others, like the Image size settings, help you manage your assets to support the design of your website.

Best Practices

You cannot set the Property used for product assignment setting until you have created your properties, but you should set it before you add users to the system.

Your image sizes must be set before you import image assets. If you change the default image size later, this will not adjust your images. If your image does not match the defined size, it resizes to the largest side indicated in the setting and then resizes the rest of the image in proportion.

Configure Settings

  1. Click ConfigureSettings.
  2. Use Property used for product assignment to select an existing property with the Data Type of String. This is the property that will drive product assignment to users. For example, you could select the Brand property if your team assigns products by brand.
  3. Enable Manage Related Products to manage assignment of product relationships in the PIM such as cross sells, accessories, or parts. Disable it to manage products outside of the PIM, such as your ERP.
  4. Enable auto-submission of products for approval to have products automatically submit for approval when they are 100% complete. Disable this setting to submit products for approval manually.
  5. Enable auto-assignment of category attributes to automatically assign category attributes based on the products assigned to it. 
  6. Enable auto-initialization of imports for recognized files to automatically start importing files when they match a saved import template.
  7. Set the Small, Medium and Large Product Image Sizes by adjusting the dimensions listed. The small image cannot be larger than the medium image, which cannot be larger than the large image. The maximum image size is 2000 x 2000.

Any images you import retain their aspect ratio when resized. For example, if the original image has dimensions of 1800 x 1200 px, retaining the 3:2 ratio resizes the image to 900 x 600 px for the large size.