Set up the PIMt sync job in Configured Commerce

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As part of the onboarding process, your implementation team (whether Optimizely or your partner) must set up the job that sends data into Optimizely Product Information Management (PIM), such as your websites, related product types, and languages. Your partner follows these steps to set up this connection.

This job should only be set to point to the customer's environment, not to a partner QA or test site. For more information on the additional PIM jobs and how to publish products from the PIM, see Publish Optimizely Product Information Management Updates to Configured Commerce.

Set up the PIM connection

  1. Obtain machine to machine credentials from the Operations team. This includes the Client ID and Client Secret.
  2. Log into the customer's sandbox Admin Console.
  3. Go to Administration > Jobs > Connections.
  4. Click Add Integration Connection.
  5. Set up the new connection as follows:
    • Name – PIM
    • Type Name – ApiClientCredentialsEndpoint
    • Source Server Time Zone – Central Time (US & Canada)
    • Debugging Enabled – No
    • Token Endpoint – (production)
    • API Address – (production)
    • Client ID – Enter the information you received from Operations.
    • Client Secret – Enter the information you received from Operations.
  6. Click Save.

Enable the PIM connector

  1. Go to Administration > System > Settings in the Admin Console.
  2. Search for "Enable Optimizely PIM" and toggle this setting to Yes.
  3. Select PIM for Optimizely PIM API Connection.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Yes when prompted to set up job definitions.

Set up job definitions

  1. Go to Administration > Jobs > Job Definitions.
  2. Search for "PIM."
  3. Edit the job PIM: Synch Setup Data.
  4. Set the Connection to Internal.
  5. Click More Options and choose Schedule Job.
  6. Schedule the job to run immediately and click Schedule Job.
  7. Select the History tab.
  8. Validate that your job has run successfully. If it has not, check your settings and try the job again.

Validate in the PIM

  1. Log in to the PIM instance.
  2. Go to Configure > Properties.
  3. Click Add Property.
  4. Enter test information to allow you to click Continue.
  5. Validate that the Property Mappings to Configured Commerce dropdown menu is populated. If so, you have correctly set up the PIM Synch job.
  6. Go to Configure > Settings and add the CDN Prefix, if Operations provided you with this information.