Step 2. Recipients and sender

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You can select one or more recipient lists for mailing by enabling the associated check boxes. Optimizely Campaign ensures that recipients on several lists only receive the mailing once.

You can select a target group to address a subset of a recipient list. Use target groups to guarantee that each test mailing is addressed to different recipients, and no recipient will receive two mailings. To do this:

  1. Send the first test mailing.
  2. Create a target group with the definition Recipient did not receive [name of the first test mailing].
  3. When sending the second mailing, select this target group.
  4. When sending the mailing to the remainder of the list, continue in this manner.

In this case, the target group should be defined as Recipient did not receive [name of the first test mailing] AND Recipient did not receive [name of the second test mailing].

To display the number of recipients, click Calculate the number of possible recipients.

Determining the order of recipients in a mailing

By default, recipients are addressed in the order in which they were entered into the list. To use a random selection of available recipients, select the Random selection check box.

Testing different versions of a mailing

  1. In the Maximum number of recipients box, specify a number of recipients.
  2. Copy the mailing.
  3. Modify one or more parameters (subject, content, and so on).
  4. Send that version to a different part of your list.
  5. Compare results (clicks, openings, and so on).
  6. Copy the mailing with the best performance to be sent to the remaining recipients.


You can specify which sender address should appear in the recipient's email software when your message is received.

  • Email address. Enter the address section of the sender in this field. The domain section (behind the @) is fixed and cannot be changed.
  • Name. This is typically your company name.

For example, "Example Inc. []": "Example Inc." is the name and "" is the email address.

Be consistent in your sender address. Changing your email address or name may cause the recipient's email program to treat your mailings differently, and negatively impact your mailing's success.

Notes for print mailings

Always check your recipient lists for duplicate recipients before dispatch.

The sender address is stored in your client and cannot be changed. This address is printed on the letter or postcard in the sender field. Always check your recipient lists for duplicate recipients before sending.

See also: Print.