Step 6. Sending options

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In the Options tab, select the mailing's sending time and speed. Furthermore, you can select a folder in which to save your mailing.

Whether you send your mailing now or later, it is saved in this step. If you select the option Save mailing and start it at the following date and time or Save mailing and start it manually later, you can edit your mailing until it is sent. But mailings that start immediately cannot be changed.

Saving mailing and starting it manually later

Use this option if you, for example, are waiting for a release for your mailing, or if you know that changes need to be made, or if the sending time is not determined. Any time after saving the mailing, you can use the Overview menu item to call up and change it.

Saving mailing and starting it at a later date and time

If your mailing is to be sent at a predetermined time, set the desired start date and time in this Mailings window field. To do so, click the arrow next to the current date. A calendar opens, from which you can select the mailing date and time. You can also change the mailing after it is saved (and before the specified starting time).

Saving mailing and delaying start after all split mailings are sent

This sending option is not available for print mailings.

This option lets you set a delay between the sending of last split mailing and the main mailing. It is helpful, for instance, to get reliable opens or click rates, because not all recipients open and click a mailing upon receiving it. The delay should be from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

Starting mailing immediately

Use this option if you tested your mailing and want to send it immediately. Be aware that the mailing starts immediately after clicking Save. Afterward, you cannot make corrections.

Saving mailing in a folder

To choose a folder in which you want to save your mailing, click the Folder field and select a folder. Alternatively, click the plus icon + in the status bar to create a new folder.

Setting the sending rate

Optimizely Campaign sends up to 50 million emails per hour. In some cases, this is too fast. For example, you have a large mailing list, and the mailing encourages recipients to call a telephone number. Your call center could get overloaded. In such a case, set a maximum number of mails to send per hour. The minimum is 1,000 per hour.

If you leave the field blank, your mailing is sent at maximum speed.

Offline HTML

This option attaches images and style sheets directly to the email. This option may provide a better representation of your mailing in a recipient's email client, but may also result in a worse deliverability of your email.

Also, offline HTML may increase the price because the overall size of every email grows. In addition, open tracking is disabled (clicks are counted as opens anyway).

Notes for print mailings

If you have specified a dispatch time for your print mailing or would like to start dispatch immediately after saving, the expected delivery time is calculated and displayed here. The delivery time depends on the type of dispatch and the time of dispatch.

Next working day delivery

The following guidelines apply to the Fast dispatch option:

  • The delivery is typically made within two working days if the mailing starts before 20:00 h (CET).
  • Delivery may happen on the third working day in exceptional cases or if the mailing starts after 20:00 h.

It is possible to reduce the dispatch speed and set a maximum number of letters to be sent per hour. The lowest speed you can set is 1000 letters per hour. If you leave the field blank, your letters will be sent at the highest possible speed.