Set access rights from edit view

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Administrators generally manage website access rights from the administration view. However, you can set access rights for a single page or a block from the edit view if you have administrator rights. This is useful when you need to publish an item to verify the final result but you do not want it to be publicly visible.

If sub-items are set to Inherit settings from parent item, these items are also affected by your change.

To set access rights, open the item in the All Properties edit view (or scroll to the top of the page in the on-page edit view). The Visible to option displays Everyone for publicly available content on the website and Restricted if access limitations apply.


Click Manage to change the settings in the Access Rights dialog box:


If access rights are inherited from the parent page, clear Inherit access rights from parent item, and click Add Users/Groups to define new access rights. Add access rights as desired and save the settings.

For example, removing read access for Everyone, as in the example above, hides the published page from the public, but it is fully visible and editable for the Site_Editors group (and Administrators).

You must belong to a group with Administer access rights to define access rights from the edit view. This setting does not provide access to other administration options in Optimizely Content Management System (CMS).

See Access rights for information about working with access rights in CMS.