Optimizely Recommendations

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Optimizely Recommendations lets you individualize content displayed to online visitors or sent to them by email, instead of showing the same content to everyone.

Optimizely Recommendations includes the following features:

You can apply Recommendations to an individual visitor, or for a segment of visitors. Recommendations uses intelligent algorithms and also can be manually configured by administrators, editors, marketers, or merchandisers. Using audiences, you can manually target content for first-time site visitors, or visitors from a specific region. You can also apply automatic content recommendations, based on individual or group website behavior, and create email campaigns for selected groups.

Recommendations tools include behavioral search ranking, product recommendations for web and email, promotion creatives, and automatic triggers and actions to help increase conversions and average order value.

Recommendations Product Description
Optimizely Content Recommendations Suggests topics of interest based on real-time website interaction, visitor profiles, and intelligent algorithms. Personalizing content is a powerful way to increase visitor engagement. For example, you can provide articles of specific interest on a news site.
Optimizely Product Recommendations

Creates and configures a merchandising campaign with personalized product recommendations. Whether you display your products on the web or on a mobile device, Optimizely optimizes the ranking for every visitor, including behavioral data and merchandising strategies.

Optimizely Email Content Recommendations

Includes personalized content recommendations in any email, including retargeting emails.

Optimizely Email Product Recommendations

Includes personalized product recommendations in any email, including cart abandonment and retargeting emails.

Optimizely Triggered Messages

Works with behavioral triggers to detect on-site behaviors and act on them through automated, personalized emails. Triggered Messages works with Email Product Recommendations and Optimizely Campaign only.

Optimizely Visitor Intelligence

Tracks and saves data about your website visitors, such as their name, email, associated company, and country of origin. You can then use this data in your campaigns, to craft and distribute personalized messages for specific target groups.

Recommendations Portal

Available only if you have the features for the Optimizely Recommendations Product Suite installed on your site. The Personalization Portal is the user interface for accessing the features for Product Recommendations, Email Product Recommendations, Email Content Recommendations, Triggered Messages, and Promoted content. Features include automatic product and content recommendations online and through email.

Promoted Content Promoted Content is available for Optimizely customers who use a non-Optimizely platform. Optimizely platform customers can use similar functionality built into Optimizely CMS. See also the CMS Recommendations developer guide.
Audiences Audiences are a simple way to work with content recommendations in Optimizely, using built-in functionality. You can for example design a product banner, a landing page, or a registration form, with content targeted towards for example first-time visitors, or visitors from a geographic region or market.

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