Clear the index and reindexing

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This topic is intended for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Optimizely Content Management System (CMS).

You can clear (that is, remove) the Optimizely Search & Navigation index and statistics. You typically do so during website development, after making extensive changes to content properties, or when reorganizing or removing content. You might also clear statistics after testing new functionality.

After you clear the index, re-index the website.

Image: Editing website index

Clear the index

When clearing the index, you remove all content from it, and have an option to clear statistics also.

Index clearing operations are permanent. You cannot reverse them.
  1. From edit view, select Search & Navigation > Configure > Index.
  2. Click Clear index.
  3. Re-index the website

Re-index the website

It is usually not necessary to schedule or manually start re-index jobs, as they are automatically triggered by content changes.
  1. Log into CMS admin view.
  2. Go to Scheduled Jobs.
  3. Select the Optimizely Search & Navigation Content Indexing job.

    You can start the job manually or on a schedule. See also: Scheduled jobs.

Re-index your site under any of the following conditions:

  • After you clear the index, because it is empty.
  • If automatic indexing failed, or content must be reindexed for another reason.
  • You changed content access rights, because automatic indexing does not detect those changes.

Remove statistics

  1. From edit view, select Search & Navigation> Configure > Index.
  2. Click Clear statistics.

If you clear statistics, statistics view is empty until new statistics are collected.