Step 5. Test email

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Before sending any mailings, send a test mail. This topic explains the test lists configured for your account. Normally, there is one list of people who can receive a test mail (you, your co-workers, superiors and so on).

When you select a test list, its recipients are displayed below. To add a recipient, click Add recipient.

To send a test email, select recipients by checking the box and clicking either

  • Send email. Sends a multi-part message
  • Send HTML version. Sends a HTML message
  • Send text version. Sends a text message

If the format is Text or HTML, you cannot send a multi-part test email. If your default format is Multipart, you should test all three options because your email client does not let you decide whether you want to receive a multi-part email as plain text or HTML.

Click Test email to target group to open a wizard that helps you send target group-based versions of your mailing, even if they do not match the target group criteria.

If you use a personalized subject line, make sure that your test list contains the same fields used for personalization (for example, name). Otherwise, the test emails have the default subject line, because no personalization field is available to create a personalized subject line.

If you want to change the mailing after receiving test email, go back to step 3, change the content, then send a new test mail.

Test dispatch of print mailings

You can create a PDF from your print mailing and print a test message.