Billing and invoices

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This article will help you:

  • Update your billing information
  • Retrieve invoices
  • Cancel your account

To access your billing information, select Account Settings by logging in to Optimizely Experimentation.

Here's where to find that in Optimizely Experimentation:




Make sure to click Save Settings when you are finished making changes to your account settings.


From the Account tab, you can access billing information by clicking Plan & Billing. You'll see an overview of your plan information, billing contact details, payment methods, and your billing history. You can change your payment method details from this screen. 

Depending on when your company began using Optimizely Experimentation, your account will be billed based on either impressions or monthly unique visitors (MUVS). Check out our Knowledge Base articles on monthly unique visitors and impressions for more information, including this head-to-head comparison.


You must be an administrator to access billing information.

Retrieve invoices

The bottom section of the Billing window lists your invoices. View an invoice by clicking the number of the one you wish to see. If you prefer to download it, click PDF for that invoice. If you don’t see the invoices you’re looking for, you can access them all by clicking All Invoices.

Sales tax

Optimizely Experimentation has a legal obligation to collect sales tax for some customers based upon their local jurisdiction and the product or service type being purchased. Optimizely Experimentation will use the billing address for each account to determine applicable sales tax. Each of our services have been reviewed independently, and tax due is dependent on a number of different factors, including service type purchased, service address, applicable tax jurisdiction, and local tax laws.

Beginning on July 1, 2015, applicable sales tax will be applied on a separate line item on invoices.

Optimizely Experimentation will collect sales/use tax only for invoices generated after July 1, 2015. All invoices from prior periods will not be affected regardless of the payment terms or billing frequency of your account.

If you believe you are exempt from sales/use tax, please email your appropriate exempt-sales certification to  

Cancel an account

To cancel an annual account, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

If you're on a legacy (Gold, Silver, or Bronze) plan, you can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking Cancel in the top section of the Billing window.

If you’re not looking to cancel your account, but rather to remove a collaborator from your account, see our article on managing collaborators


If you’re not on a free starter plan, please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss the terms of your contract.