Current hotfixes

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This article contains a list of hotfixes for the current cloud release. Be aware that the most recent hotfix contains all previous hotfixes, so applying the latest hotfix automatically updates your environment to the current cloud release. 

Optimizely has set a deadline for hotfix submissions each release to allow the Configured Commerce team time to prepare the upcoming release. See the hotfix submission deadline notice for more details.

Current Cloud Release Version: 5.1.2305

Date Build Description
6/1/2023 5.1.2305.3595 Updated 'Real Time Inventory Service' - 'Insite' to decrement product quantity in associated warehouse.
6/1/2023 5.1.2305.3595 Fixed compile errors for ElasticSearch 7 and published Nest7/Elasticsearch.Net7 nuget packges to Episerver nuget feed.