February 2022 release

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Release: 5.1.2202.426

The following is a complete list of the bug fixes and enhancements provided in the February 2022 Release. Some of the bug fixes listed below may address existing Support Articles. A comprehensive list is at the bottom of this page.

Note: The 5.1.2202 release is now available for developers to pull down and work with locally or to request for deployments.


February 2022 release highlights

Administrators can use the Application Dictionary, Console User profiles and System Lists together to ensure unauthorized users cannot access Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data. These features provide additional data security for consumers and allow for Schrems II legislation compliance for E.U. consumer data.


Important notes/Breaking changes

There are no medium or high breaking changes that occurred during this release.

Partners/Developers: You can view a cumulative list of breaking changes, including Spire breaking changes, at the bottom of this page. (Note the two tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet: one for cumulative breaking changes, one for Spire breaking changes.)

Database changes/Updates


Bug fixes

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