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Here, you find recently updated articles in the Optimizely Campaign user guide:

Date Article Change
2023-05-09 CSA Guidelines Added section Requisites for combining advertisement emails and customer relationship emails.
2023-03-23 Opt-in The section Opt-in was updated and restructured.
2023-02-15 The Optimizely Campaign Zapier integration A new article describes the Optimizely Campaign Zapier integration
2023-01-09 Nodes: The Building Blocks of Campaigns Added Information about target groups in transactional campaigns and updated some general information.
2022-11-14 Introduction to the Performance Dashboard Updated screenshots, restructured and extended descriptions.
2022-10-19 DMARC implementation Added information about defining a reporting address.
2022-10-19 BIMI piloting Updated Information about the state of BIMI implementation.
2022-10-13 Target group definition Added information about the condition automated open was detected.
2022-09-20 CSA guidelines A section about bounce management was added.
2022-08-02 The Widget Type "Spam Complaint Widget" A new article describes the new widget type "spam complaint widget".
2022-06-14 Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) Synchronization A new article describes data exchange with ODP.
2022-06-01 The image editor A new article describes the new image editor.
2022-05-30 The print channel A new article describes the integration of Optimizely Campaign with Print-Mailing Automation by Deutsche Post AG.
2022-05-12 Lead Synchronization Synchronizing lead ads from Facebook is described in a new article.
2022-05-06 Recipient history Deleting all data related to a recipient now includes blocklist entries.
2022-05-06 Custom blocklists Blocklist entries from a csv file can now be added to an existing blocklist. Previously, the blocklist had to be cleared before importing.
2022-02-11 Transactional messages added description of archiving function
2022-02-01 Domain Management added description of self-service options