Agent - 2.0.0

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[2.0.0] - August 27, 2020

- Add SDK key validation configuration
- Reject request with invalid host (excluding port)
- Block content type other than application/json
- Introducing support for authenticated datafiles

Breaking Changes

- Reject requests with invalid hosts, and introduce server.allowedHosts configuration property
- Agent will now reject the request if the content-type is not specified from the clients
- Add Host as a configurable item
- Previously, Agent was listening on all interfaces, and did not allow configuring the network interface that it listens on. NewServer allowed specification of a port to listen on, but not an address.
- Now, we have added configurable HOST, with the default value set to the localhost (
- If there is a need to deploy Agent in docker, then the Host needs to be set to This can be achieved by setting variable OPTIMIZELY_SERVER_HOST=, or setting to in config file.