CSharp-SDK - 2.0.0-beta1

## 2.0.0-beta1
April 3, 2018

This major release of the Optimizely SDK introduces APIs for Feature Management.

### New Features
* Introduces the `IsFeatureEnabled` API to determine whether to show a feature to a user or not.
var enabled = OptimizelyClient.IsFeatureEnabled("my_feature_key", "user_1", userAttributes);

* You can also get all the enabled features for the user by calling the following method which returns a list of strings representing the feature keys:
var enabledFeatures = OptimizelyClient.GetEnabledFeatures("user_1", userAttributes);

* Introduces Feature Variables to configure or parameterize your feature. There are four variable types: `Integer`, `String`, `Double`, `Boolean`.
var stringVariable = OptimizelyClient.GetFeatureVariableString("my_feature_key", "string_variable_key", "user_1", userAttributes);
var integerVariable = OptimizelyClient.GetFeatureVariableInteger("my_feature_key", "integer_variable_key", "user_1", userAttributes);
var doubleVariable = OptimizelyClient.GetFeatureVariableDouble("my_feature_key", "double_variable_key", "user_1", userAttributes);
var booleanVariable = OptimizelyClient.GetFeatureVariableBoolean("my_feature_key", "boolean_variable_key", "user_1", userAttributes);