React-SDK - 2.8.0

  • Updated


January 26, 2022

New Features

Add a set of new APIs for overriding and managing user-level flag, experiment and delivery rule decisions. These methods can be used for QA and automated testing purposes. They are an extension of the ReactSDKClient interface ([#133](

  • setForcedDecision
  • getForcedDecision
  • removeForcedDecision
  • removeAllForcedDecisions
  • Updated `useDecision` hook to auto-update and reflect changes when forced decisions are set and removed ([#133](

For details, refer to our documentation pages: [ReactSDKClient](, [Forced Decision methods]( and [useDecision hook](

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the SDK to render the correct decision on first render when initialized synchronously using a datafile ([#125](
  • Fixed the redundant re-rendering when SDK is initialized with both datafile and SDK key ([#125](
  • Updated `@optimizely/js-sdk-logging` to `0.3.1` ([#140](