React-SDK - 2.4.1

## [2.4.1] - November 23rd, 2020
Upgrade `@optimizely/optimizely-sdk` to [4.4.3](
- Allowed using `--isolatedModules` flag in TSConfig file by fixing exports in event processor . See [Issue #84]( and [@optimizely/optimizely-sdk Release 4.4.1]( for more details.
- Added `enabled` field to decision metadata structure to support upcoming application-controlled introduction of tracking for non-experiment Flag decisions. See [@optimizely/optimizely-sdk Release 4.4.2]( for more details.
- Refactored imports in `optimizely-sdk` TypeScript type definitions to prevent compilation of TS source code. See [@optimizely/optimizely-sdk Release 4.4.2]( and [@optimizely/optimizely-sdk Release 4.4.3]( for more details.