Payment gateway development expectations

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The Optimizely Configured Commerce engineering team will evaluate, design, and develop connectors to support nearly any payment gateway that a client chooses, but requires at least 120 days of notice before a new connector will be available to clients or partners for implementation and testing.  


Configured Commerce Cloud is an extendable SaaS platform that provides an out-of-the-box commerce solution that can be extensively customized to your business needs by an implementation partner.  

Third-party application connectors are an important aspect of platform customization. 

Expectations for non-payment connectors 

For most connectors, an implementation partner is responsible for the evaluation, design, development, implementation, and testing of the connector.  

Although the Optimizely team has created several connectors to common ERP, PIM, tax, and other data providers, these connectors only serve as a starting point. Implementation partners may need to extend further to fit your unique needs. 

Expectations for payment gateways 

Payment gateways are an exception to the above process. Optimizely will own the design and development of the credit card portion of payment gateways to ensure PCI compliance. Implementation partners will remain responsible for implementing and testing the credit card portion of each payment gateway. 

Payment gateways that support credit card payments typically also support other payment types, including eCheck, ACH, SEPA, etc. In these cases, Optimizely may choose to create a connector that supports multiple payment types.  

However, implementation partners are ultimate responsibility for the design and development of non-PCI scope payment methods and non-PCI scope aspects of the gateway, such as frontend design of credit card payments. Implementation partners must avoid any change to the base code, as such changes may  impact the connector's PCI compliance. 

For those payment gateways that have no PCI scope, such as an eCheck, ACH, or SEPA payment gateway, implementation partners are responsible for evaluation, design, development, implementation, and testing. 

How to request a new payment gateway 

Optimizely encourages you to select the payment gateway that best fits your unique needs.  

Although Optimizely has created connectors to several payment gateways, you may request support for a new payment gateway or additional functionality within an existing payment gateway. You should make these requests to your Onboarding Engagement Manager, Customer Success Manager, or Partner Manager, who will be able to create a ticket for our engineering team and provide periodic updates. 

Once a request has been submitted to the Optimizely, our engineering team will evaluate whether the payment connector can be implemented in a PCI compliant manner. This evaluation typically takes 2-3 months.

If so, our team will aim to have the connector available for implementation and testing within the your environment within 120 days (about 4 months). As such, we recommend requesting support for a new payment gateway as soon as possible and, ideally, immediately after your sales contract has been signed. 

If the selected payment gateway cannot be implemented in a PCI compliant manner, Optimizely reserves the right to decline support for that payment gateway.