February 2021 service packs

  • Updated

- 4.6 Release Notes


The following items are the updates provided in the February 2021 Service Pack. A list of all Support Article related bugs will be listed at the end of this section.


- Important Notes/Breaking Changes



- Enhancements/Updates

No enhancements were made for this service pack.


- Database Changes/Updates

No database changes or updates were made for this service pack.


- Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where if all cart items are restricted, nothing blocks the customer from placing the order
  • Fixed an issue with a previous breaking change that caused a site to fail after ISearchPathBuilder was added to the constructor for Insite.PunchOut.Content.HeaderViewPreparer
  • Fixed an issue with importing Categories when using "Ignore blank cells = NO" which removes parent categories not in the file
  • Fixed an issue with importing Carrier Zone Rates throwing an error and not reading the fields on the imported file
  • Fixed an issue with the PromotionEngine throwing an exception when attempting to validate a rule on the CustomerOrder fields
  • Fixed an issue with the Category export being capped at 100 products

- SDK Downloads

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