Configured Commerce Mobile Release Process

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Release Notes

We recommend you subscribe to the Release Notes page to receive updates on Configured Commerce Mobile App releases. These notifications will include the dates when we release to Beta and Production.

Release Cadence

Beta Releases

We first release to beta for testing. You can learn more about managing beta testers.

If you find any bugs during beta testing, create a ticket with Episerver Application Support.

Production Deployment

Deployment to Production environments occurs approximately one week after the deployment to Beta. The time provided between the Beta and Production deployments allows you and/or your partners to evaluate new features.

NOTE: We will evaluate deployment to Production for individual branded apps as we identify critical issues.


In the unusual event an issue arises that requires immediate resolution outside of the normal release cadence, we may deploy a hotfix. We test hotfixes specifically for the reported issue and do not receive full regression testing. Therefore, we expect that you and/or your partners test all hotfixes during the beta release.