Enable way to drag CMS pages into Commerce content

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We are missing a way to drag CMS pages into a piece of Commerce content. It is simply not possible to view the CMS page tree in the Commerce context.

We have a workaround for Entry Content (go to the CMS editor mode, find and open Commerce content from asset pane and edit). But that does not work for Node Content, because nodes/folders cannot be edited in the asset pane.
But for the better solution would be to allow viewing CMS page tree in the right-hand asset pane. In this way, we could find and drag in CMS content when viewing a piece of Commerce content.
It would also make editing Commerce content in CMS, and CMS content in Commerce, completely equal.


The workaround was to re-enable the site view within the commerce context with the following

using EPiServer.Cms.Shell.UI.Components;
using EPiServer.Commerce.Shell;
using EPiServer.Shell.ViewComposition;

namespace Foundation.Custom
public class CustomPageTreeComponent : PageTreeComponent
public CustomPageTreeComponent()
PlugInAreas = new[]
This will then add another tab to the commerce view for pages enabling full drag and drop support when in the context of commerce as below.