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Reports in ODP Lite

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Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) Lite provides a list of pre-defined reports that help you gain insights on customer behavior.

Access reports in ODP Lite

Go to Company > Reports to view the list of pre-defined reports. Click any of the column headings to sort the list of reports by that column (in either ascending or descending order).


View, filter, and export report results

Go to Company > Reports and click the name of the report you want to view. The report results display in both graph and table format.


You can perform the following actions when viewing reports:

  • Click Simple Filter to filter the report results as desired. Once you select all desired filters, click Apply.
  • Toggle the timeframe for which you want to view the data in the graph using the Hour, Day, Week, and Month options.
  • Click a column heading to sort the report table by any of the columns (in ascending or descending order).
  • Click the delete icon next to a column to remove that column from the report table.
  • Click + Columns to add columns to the report table.
  • Click the export icon to export the report results in CSV or JSON format.