CMP home page

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Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) lets you stay on top of and accelerate your work, keep track of your team's work, and monitor the status, and get campaigns out the door.

The CMP home page lets you monitor work streams and gain access to tasks, work requests, campaigns, library and other modules of the platform. You can search for your work in each section of the home page – My WorkMy Team's Work, what you are Watching, and what you have Recently viewed. You can filter your search only among your assigned tasks and requests. 


View your tasks

The My Work tab on the home page shows task titles, names of steps you are assigned to and the due dates of those tasks. 


View your team's tasks

If you are a member of a team, a request or task assigned to your team displays in this view in order of their due dates. This view also includes task titles, step names and due dates. 


View watcher tasks

If you were added as a watcher in a task or request, then those tasks and requests display in the Watching tab. This view also displays task and request titles, step names for tasks and due dates.


Filter by work type

You can filter tasks or requests, selecting Request, Task or Select All. The Currently Step Only filter displays tasks whose current steps are assigned to you. All of your assigned tasks and requests display in the My Work tab if no filter is selected.


Similarly, you can filter in the My Team's Work and Watching views.

Navigate faster with recently viewed work

In the Recently viewed view, you can navigate to tasks, requests, pitches and library assets that you recently viewed and worked on. The view provides details of your recently viewed item along with a time stamp of when you viewed it last.


For developer information, see the Optimizely Content Marketing Platform Open API and Webhooks developer guide and  the Optimizely Content Marketing Platform Open API developer reference.