Integrate Sprinklr

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Sprinklr is a social media management platform that helps teams disseminate content across brand channels and markets. By integrating Content Marketing Platform (CMP) with Sprinklr, you can leverage the content created in the CMP and distribute it across their customer touch points.

The integration with Sprinklr was built to help users work more efficiently and reach to a wider set of audiences, eliminating the need to copy and paste and reassemble packaged posts in Sprinklr. Specifically, the integration lets you:

  • Create and approve social copy in the CMP
  • Set scheduling dates/times and publish the finalized, packaged posts to Sprinklr via API
  • Publish directly to the correct channel or appear in Sprinklr as a draft post, ready for a separate team to distribute and optimize


  • Admin access to the CMP
  • Access to your Sprinklr account
  • Valid Social accounts added on Sprinklr

Add Sprinklr and social accounts

  1. Go to your avatar > Social Accounts > SMMS Integration and click Add Platform.


  2. Select Sprinklr from the list of platforms.
  3. Click Connect. A dialog box displays requesting permission to access your Sprinklr application:


  4. Click Submit to allow adding your account and enter your account details.
  5. Select your client application within Sprinklr.


  6. Select your client and click Submit. This adds your Sprinklr account with CMP and redirects to the home page of your CMP instance.
  7. If you already added Social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and so on) in your Sprinklr instance, they are displayed in the SMMS Integration tab.


If you do not want channels to appear as a destination for each publishing task, you can toggle to disable or enable them.

  • Sync Account – Fetches the latest list of your social accounts from Sprinklr. If someone added or deleted an account from Sprinklr application and you don’t see it changed in CMP, click Sync Account.
  • Default Post Type – Set as draft or publish. The account synching feature respects the previously chosen post type. 

Supported channels

The Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) and Sprinklr Integration is supported in the following channels:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Sina_Weibo
  • Renren
  • Tencent_Weibo
  • Google_Plus
  • Flickr
  • Foursquare
  • SlideShare
  • VK

Post to Sprinklr

A post to Sprinklr contains a text message, a choice of campaigns, an optional attachment and an option to schedule the date/time of posting.


A post in Sprinklr is attached with a choice of Campaign. Select the Sprinklr campaign you want your post to be associated.  If this list is empty and you have campaigns in your Sprinklr account, you may need to synchronize your account. Adding a campaign to this list creates the campaign in Sprinklr.

Draft post

A selected Send as Draft indicates the post is published only to the planner (calendar) of Sprinklr as a draft, which you can edit and schedule to publish per the user's explicit approval.

Direct/live post

A deselected Send as Draft publishes the post to the end destination/social channel without needing any manual action from the Sprinklr side. This is reflected in the Sprinklr planner.

Types of attachments

You can attach:

  • A link
  • An image
  • No attachment (default)


Click Edit Scheduling to publish the post at the desired schedule. Otherwise, the post is published immediately to Sprinklr (or, to the selected social channel if not draft post) upon clicking Publish.

Publish to a social channel through Sprinklr

  1. Go to the Publishing tab of your workflow.
  2. Select Add Channel > Sprinklr. (You can add your own campaign which creates the campaign in Sprinklr. )


  3. Enter data into the following dialog box.


    • If you want to post as draft, select Send as Draft to save the post as a draft in Sprinklr.
    • In the message text-box, enter a message related to the post.
    • You can add a link to a posted article or an image attachments related to the post.
    • Click Edit Scheduling to publish at a later time.
  4. Click Publish or Share. Users are notified of the publication on the task page.

To publish an article through Sprinklr to any social channel, choose a published article or make sure to publish the article to any website.

Filter Sprinklr posts on the calendar 

After you choose to publish or share on a Sprinklr post, the post appears on the publishing calendar of Content Marketing Platform (CMP). By applying a Channel filter on either Sprinklr (for all posts through Sprinklr), or on a specific social channel, it displays those posts on the publishing calendar.


Post labels to Sprinklr custom fields

You can use the labels on the task page and expect them to be carried over to Sprinklr with the message.

  • If there is no Sprinklr custom field with the same name of the CMP label, a post creates it in Sprinklr with the provided values.
  • If there is an existing Sprinklr custom field matching the name of the CMP label, a post transfers it with the values provided.
  • If the CMP labels carry additional values than what is defined in an existing Sprinklr custom field, a post updates the set of values in Sprinklr.

The following image shows using the CMP labels (passed as Custom Fields and surfaced) as Properties of Sprinklr message: