View asset usage

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Asset usage displays an asset's lineage (who used an asset and where) across tasks when you publish it to the library. You can scan distribution channels and drill into each child's analytics. 

View an asset's usage

  1. Go to Library view.
  2. Find and select an asset. The Details view panel displays.
  3. Open the Usage section.


You can see the versions and dates when the asset was created, modified, and reused. Just after the asset title, you can see the distribution channels (such as Twitter or WordPress) for each child.

You can see the usage of the asset separately without opening the details page while also being able to see assets from a task regardless of their usage date. 

Understand permissions for asset usage

Asset usage lets you view and repurpose an asset between parent and child instances. However, if you can access the parent organization but not the child, you cannot view the task or analytics in the child organization from asset usage.

In the following example, the asset was first used by the parent organization, NewsCred Group, on June 24, 2017. Then, it was used in NewsCred Spain on July 26, 2017 (on WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter) and September 11, 2017. Lastly, it was used in NewsCred Germany on January 9, 2019.


From the first share in NewsCred Group to NewsCred Spain, you can see the connector tree line is straight because the user has permission for the organization and can view the task and analytics from here. 

When the connector tree line from the parent to NewsCred Germany is dashed and the title is gray, it means you do not have permission to access in NewsCred Germany and cannot view the task and analytics for it from the asset usage.