FAQ: Analyzing social share data

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Understanding the cumulative reach of content across social media is a critical gauge for marketers to understand the resonance of content and topics with their audience. This topic answers questions about Content Marketing Platform (CMP) social share data. 

Which social platforms is Share information available for?

The CMP shows social share data for Facebook and Twitter.

What is a share? 

A share is an action (such as a Like, Comment, Share, Retweet, and so on) that gets your content into someone else’s news feed. Shares aren’t limited to someone manually posting a link in an update but are considered to be any action that places a post into the social feed of their audience.

How are shares calculated? 

CMP calculates the number of times a link was shared on social by fetching the number directly from a given networks API. The URLs of the articles shared in social posts are known by the CMP, and the platform uses the links to query the social network to retrieve the number of shares, which are then displayed in Idea Lab by channel.

What do the numbers represent? 

The numbers displayed in the CMP are all-time social shares.