Templates and dynamic forms

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A template constructs an overall layout that you can reuse to create campaign or task briefs. A template  provides structure around incoming work requests to improve productivity and efficiency.

Apply template brief

  1. In a task or campaign, select Select Brief > Brief Template.


  2. Select a template from the list.


    The template displays in the Brief tab of the task or campaign.


Create a template

  1. Go to your avatar > Templates. The Templates view displays.
  2. Click Create Template; the Templates form displays.


    • Template Name – Enter the name of the template.
    • Template Description – Enter a description of the template.
    • Applicable To – Select Work Request, Campaign Brief, and Task Briefs to provide and build a better structure around how teams collaboratively plan and prioritize work.

      Some fields (such as Attachments, Start Date, End Date) are not applicable for tasks or campaigns templates because this information is captured when you create a task or campaign.

      This feature enables collaboration between multiple users in campaigns and tasks and lets them fill-in required pieces of information, or input answers that are limited within the provided choices of the templated briefs.

    • Form builder – Lets you create customized forms that can be used for work requests, campaign briefs, and task briefs.  
      • Helper Text – Click to enter a public description to the form that can be an instruction or sub-heading that displays as a tooltip whenever you select the form for a work request, campaign brief, or task brief.  
      • Add Text – Enter details that are best depicted in sentences.


      • Add Field – Multiple field types can build a dynamic form that serves your purpose with increased efficiency.


You can drag and drop fields and section titles into any order you want. Hover over a field an a grab icon displays. A delete icon also displays if you want to delete a field from the form.

Create a custom field

You can create your own custom fields.

  1. Click Add Field then click Create New. The Create a New Field form appears.


  2. Select the type of field you want and enter the selections you want.
  3. Click Create.

Create sections of the form

You can make sections for your customized form.

  1. Click Add Section.


  2. Enter the section title.


Create smart forms using Add Logic

Add Logic applies only for cases where the fields have multiple choice answers, and the logic can be set according to that.

  1. Click Add Logic to create and configure multiple logics for the inputs made using Fields and Labels. If the customized field is a survey or inquiry with multiple answer options, you can add logic to that specific field. 


  2. Select the If value function (equal to, not equal to, any of) and enter a value.
  3. Select the Then response (Show values > Field, or Jump to > Section, End of Form, Field) and select a response.  For example, if the value of the Regions field is East region, jump to the APAC section.


  4. Click Done. The field displays the logic.


Preview the completed Form

Click Preview to preview how the form appears and functions.

Clicking Submitting Request in the preview mode only acts as a demonstration of how the request will be submitted; it does not actually submit the request.