April 2022

  • Updated

Make campaigns mandatory during task/event creation

Released: to Edge environment 04/07/2022

Users will now have the ability to make campaigns mandatory for task or event creation on the instance level.

Campaign templates

Released: to Edge environment 04/04/2022

Convert any campaign into a template to be used in future to start off complex campaigns with a single click.

When a campaign is templatized, the following elements are preserved within the Campaign Template:

  • Campaign briefs
  • Tasks, including all the elements within the task:
    • Brief
    • Fields
    • Contents
    • Related tasks/events (if they belong to the same parent campaign or it’s sub-campaigns)
    • Attachments
    • Publishing information
    • Budget information
    • Workflow (including due dates, assignees, etc.)
  • Events and all of its data
  • Campaign fields
  • Campaign contents
  • Campaign attachments
  • Sub-campaigns and all the elements within them (including briefs, tasks, fields, etc.)
  • All assigned dates of the Campaign along with its sub-campaigns and tasks are preserved as durations that is later used to either forward or backward schedule while creating a template from the campaign (as per creator’s preference on the create modal)
  • Budget information of the campaign and all of its activities.
  • Shared permissions of the parent campaign as well as all of its activities (sub-campaigns, tasks, etc.)

While creating a Campaign from the template, users can:

  • Preview the campaign template before selecting it.
  • Cherry pick elements they want to replicate in the new campaign.
  • Forward/backward schedule the campaign and all of its elements.

Users can access templates from the settings page and carry out the following:

  • Preview templates
  • Delete any campaign template
  • Activate/De-activate campaign templates

However, users will NOT be able to EDIT existing templates within the scope of this release.