March 2022

  • Updated

Simplified workflow (task)

Released: to Edge environment 03/31/2022

We re-designed the whole Workflow to reduce user clicks and provide a better user experience. This first release includes the following improvements:

  • Simple, modern design
  • Changeable workflows
  • 'Save as template' (with overwrite)
  • Drag-&-drop steps​ & sub-steps
  • Remove workflow ​from the task
  • Rich-text step descriptions
  • Create approval steps without actions
  • Step status dropdown
  • 'Mark Complete'
  • New interaction of "Push to Library" experience

Unified fields

Released: to Edge environment 03/30/2022

Labels have now been merged with Custom Fields under the heading of "Fields" for unified, first-class treatment in some core areas of the platform. Users will be able to manage fields, assign fields to campaigns and tasks, filter on fields in the Plan module, and perform a wide range of inline edit operations on the List view in the Plan module. The high level features included in this release are:

  • One settings location for editing Fields and Labels
  • The Additional Information Tray is replaced by a new Fields Tab on Task Details
  • Fields can be added during creation of Campaigns and Tasks
  • Existing Label inheritance behaviors are now extended to Fields
  • List View "Add Column" includes Fields of all types
  • List View inline edit support for all field types including images, video, rich text
  • Plan Module Filter support for fields of type choice and single select

Preset crops (library)

Released: to Edge environment 03/14/2022

The ability to download preset crops of images makes it easier for Marketers to manage their web and social publishing easily. The reduced friction within the cropping process will encourage higher adoption of the DAM, and enable better retention.

Bulk delete assets (library)

Released: to Edge environment 03/10/2022

The ability to delete multiple assets in one single go makes it easier for Librarians to manage their assets. DAM users can now clear up unnecessary assets from the Library in a smooth single flow, which will ensure a better user experience, and thus enable higher adoption.

Content tab redesign and Push to Library interaction (task)

Released: to Edge environment 03/08/2022

We have re-designed the content tab’s header in the task and also revamped the “Push to Library” interaction from tasks.