February 2021

  • Updated

Features are released for general availability (GA) to Cutting Edge customers with stringent performance and SLA criteria, and with in-app tutorials and documentation. During the Cutting Edge period of 1 to 6 weeks, customers can provide feedback that helps to shape the “final state” for Standard customer GA.

Invite User from anywhere (campaign, task, work request)

Released: Cutting Edge, 02/09/2021

Users can now invite new users directly within the context of their work. 
  • Share a campaign with new users & invite them to collaborate on the campaign
  • Assign a step to new users & invite them to contribute to a task/step
  • Assign a Work Request to a new user & invite them to take actions
  • Add a new user as a Watcher of a Work Request

Invited users are defaulted to the Instance’s “Default Role” and are marked as “Pending” until they have accepted and joined the instance.

Work view (campaign, task, event)

Released: 02/25/2021

We combined  the "Campaigns" and "Tasks" modules into a single one, called "Work". Within Work, you will have dedicated tabs for "Campaigns" and "Tasks", which retain all of the functionality users know and love today, as well as a third tab for "Events".

In addition, as part of this change, we will be introducing a fourth tab, called "Everything". Under the "Everything" tab, users will be able to add, edit, search, sort, filter across a hierarchical view of Parent Campaigns, Sub-campaigns, Tasks and Events within a single spreadsheet-style view. 

Placeholder tasks

Released: 02/23/2021

Users can now quickly outline a campaign by creating placeholder tasks. We have removed the restrictions (converted mandatory fields to optional) from Task start date, Task due date and Workflow while creating a task.

Placeholder Tasks now allow users to create tasks without populating previously-mandatory fields (such as start dates, due dates, and workflows). Tasks created without a dedicated workflow will default to a "Quick Task", and remain in a new, "Not Started" status (filterable across the entire platform). With this particular release, we have introduced the ability for Admin users to switch Placeholder Tasks on/off at an instance level from the Workflow settings page.

Not Started status (task)

Released: 02/23/2021

We have introduced a whole new "Not Started" status to tasks. This means that every new task created will now have the "Not Started" status to begin with, instead of the "In-Progress" status. An all new "Start" button is now visible along every step of the Workflow.

This start button allows us to keep track of multiple active steps where flexible workflows are used. Clicking on "Start" or "Complete" within the first step of the Workflow will move the task from "Not Started" to "In-Progress".

This also means that users will now have a new "Not Started" status option within the filter panel as well to help them narrow down the search results.

Permissions enhancements and scalability (campaign, task)

Released: 02/22/2021

A simple and intuitive sharing experience allowing users to easily govern all of their users and associated permission levels.

This includes the functionality of task sharing + @ mention logic to share campaigns and tasks, campaign permission inheritance (in sub-campaigns), request access experience, and the ability to scale our permissions model across 1,000+ users/campaigns.