December 2021

  • Updated

Task dependencies

Released: to Edge environment 12/07/2021

Task Dependencies allow you to establish relationships across tasks and automatically shift step and task due dates forwards or backwards as you adjust due dates on the fly!

Bulk download assets (library)

Released: to Edge environment 12/05/2021

Assets can now be bulk downloaded directly from the Library & Task/Campaign Content Tab.

Asset expiry (library)

Released: to Edge environment 12/05/2021

  • Admins can now mark the “Asset Expiry Date” against every asset on the Library so that expired contents are not used in new content and relevant usage restrictions can be enforced (manually).
  • Admins (and owners of any tasks where these assets are used) will also receive a Notification & Email (in intervals of 7 days and 1 day in advance) regarding this expiry so that they can plan in advance.