May 2021

  • Updated

Features are released for general availability (GA) to Cutting Edge customers with stringent performance and SLA criteria, and with in-app tutorials and documentation. During the Cutting Edge period of 1 to 6 weeks, customers can provide feedback that helps to shape the “final state” for Standard customer GA.

Collections - rich text description (library)

Released: Cutting Edge, 05/06/2021

The feature will now give users the ability to add rich text options (bold. italic, hyperlink, etc.) and insert images (e.g. logo) into the Collection description.

Collections (library)

Released: Cutting Edge, 05/06/2021

  • Add a banner image to a collection
  • Carousel view for public and in-app collections
  • Search and filtering for public collections
  • More discrete logo

Archive campaign

Released: 05/06/2021

Users can now easily archive a campaign and its nested activities (sub-campaigns, tasks and events) in one single click. The “Archive” functionality merges two existing behaviour (ie. Delete & Hide) for better clarity and ease of use. Users can view “archived” campaigns, by using the filter status and then easily unarchive from the ellipsis menu or within the campaign page itself.

P.S: Archived Campaigns won’t show up in Analytics. Assets from Archived Campaigns will still show up in the Library. 

Splitting notifications for Step assigned to me and Step requires action

Released: 05/05/2021

Previously both notifications for “Step assigned to me” & “Step requires action” used to be under one settings control. We separated the two in the settings page for users to opt-in/out individually if required. In addition to that, we have also created a combined email for assignments to multiple steps, to be sent in a single email when a task is being created.